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    Email: kamthompson@cpsk12.org

    Kami Thompson


    Hi! I teach Physical Education and lead Motor Lab at Two Mile.

    In Physical Education, we learn how to keep our bodies and minds healthy through movement and health concepts. Here at CPS, we adhere by not only the Missouri State Physical Education Standards, but also the National Physical Education Standards. National Standards can be found here. Missouri State Standards can be found here.

    In Motor Lab, we do a series of stations. Each station has a specific body-brain connection that is exercised through intentional movement to meet the needs of a functioning system. These systems include Tactile (touch), Vestibular (movement/spacial awareness), Proprioceptive (pressure), Visual (eye-body connection), and Auditory (balance/orientation). Many of the station activities we do incorporate multiple systems at a time. For more information on Motor Lab explore the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds website.


    When I'm not in my role as Physical Educator I enjoy exploring new places, camping, biking, hunting, gardening, and beekeeping. My husband and I have 4 kids who are all very active in various sports and in our local community in Fulton, MO. We live in the country so Two Mile Prairie has always felt like home to me.