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       Phone: 573-214-3000 Ext 43731

    Bienvenue and welcome to French at Hickman High School! It's a great privilege to share my passion for this language and its peoples with you!

    This year marks my eighth in the classroom. I have taught all levels of French and Spanish in various contexts. My philosophy is this--that language exists to enrich one's life and to complement whatever it is you wish to make of yours. It's my hope and resolution, then, that all the students who pass through my classroom will go out and use their French to experience life somewhere in the Francophone world--be it in France, Québec, Belgium, Switzerland, Cameroon, or any of the many other countries who call the language their own.

    When I'm not teaching, you can find me reading, enjoying a good cup of coffee, or browsing for plane tickets for my next trip across the pond.


    M.A. French, Middlebury College 
    B.A. French, University of Missouri 
    B.A. Spanish, University of Missouri 

    Courses taught (2019-20)

    French 2
    French 3

    All homework, due dates and course materials will be posted on Schoology