• Disease Detectives

    Use these websites to research your disease! Remember to cite your sources! You should have 2-3 sources of information at the end of your research. Use this Graphic Organizer to record facts about your disease. 



    Kids' Health /Diseases          CDC Disease Database          Khan Academy - Polio

    Ducksters-Infectious Diseases 


    Databases - These are in the Portal under Electronic Library



    World Book Kids          EBSCO- Explora Elementary


    Search Engines 


    KidRex          Kiddle


    I Can:

    • Know the difference between infectious and non-infectious diseases

    • Explain how the body fights diseases

    • Explain how my immune system helps me

    • Explain how healthy choices and unhealthy choices can prevent illness or increase your risk of getting an illness.

    • Know how germs are spread