• PE Participation Excuse Policy:

    All students are expected and encouraged to participate to the best of their ability on any given day. However, when injuries or illness occur that affect PE participation there are guidelines for excuses.

    Medical Excuse

    • A doctor’s note will excuse a student for the length of time specified. If the note does not specify a return date, a doctor’s release to participate must be obtained before the student may participate in class.

    • If the injury or illness allows for modified participation, the student will remain in the PE setting. The doctor’s note needs to be very specific about necessary modifications. For example, “Broken wrist – student may participate in PE but no throwing or catching.”

    Parent/Guardian Excuse

    • A written note from a parent/guardian will excuse a student from participating in PE for one day.

    PE Make Up Assignments

    • Students will have the opportunity to make up missed time in PE by completing a PE make up sheets. Make up sheets can be obtained from the PE coaches. They need to reflect the physical activity the student did for credit (team practice, gymnastics, walk around the neighborhood, basketball on the driveway…) and signed by a parent or guardian.

    • If a student has a medical excuse that takes them out of PE longer than 2 weeks, they will go to RTI during their normal PE class period and make up sheets will not be required.

    Doctor’s note should include length of time excused from PE, date to return, and if applicable modifications to be made during PE.