• The CPS Board of Education policy states the following: 


    Acceleration refers to educational strategies that provide opportunities for students to more rapidly achieve their education goals. Effective acceleration matches the level, complexity and pace of the curriculum to the readiness and motivation of the student. Acceleration will not be used as a replacement for gifted education services or programs.


    Acceleration shall be considered for all students who demonstrate advanced performance or the potential for advanced performance and the social and emotional readiness for acceleration. The district will offer subject acceleration and whole-grade acceleration and, at the discretion of the superintendent may choose to implement other types of acceleration as well.


    When determining whether a student should be accelerated, the district will consider all available student assessment data, the student's social and emotional maturity and the student's academic strengths. Acceleration decisions shall be based on the best interest of the student.


    Parents/Guardians or teachers who identify a student who may benefit from acceleration should contact an administrator in the student's school for more information.  The process includes the use of the Iowa Scale for Acceleration and is coordinated by the Director of Elementary or Secondary Gifted Education.