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Kathleen Casper

Kathleen Casper is one of the Sixth Grade Math Teachers at John Warner Middle School.  She is elated to be a part of the brand new Middle School in Columbia, Missouri and beginning new traditions!  Kathleen has been teaching in Columbia Public Schools for 16 years. Her experience includes a year of teaching Kindergarten/First Grade split, multiple years of Third and Fourth Grade and the last seven, as a Sixth Grade Math teacher. Kathleen works very hard to encourage the students to develop a family within each class and to push their boundaries and to make valuable mistakes which enable each of us to continue to learn.  Mistakes are proof we are trying and will always be encouraged and supported! We have all heard people say, " I am not a Math Person," Miss Casper's mission is to change that thinking, as we are ALL Math people and use it daily.  The door is always open, come by and say hello, let's get these Grizzly traditions started!