• Clubs at JWMS

    Student Council
    Archery Club
    Social Media Club
    Creative Explorers
    Kindness Club
    Calligraphy Club
    Bible Club
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    Robotics Club
    Science Olympiad
    Math Counts
    Southside Singers (6th grade only) / Southwest Sound Effects
    Drama Club
    Dungeons and Dragons Club


    Sports at JWMS

    Fall Sports

    7th/8th Grade Football
    7th Grade Volleyball
    8th Grade Volleyball
    7th/8th Grade Cross Country
    7th/8th Grade Cheerleading

    Winter Sports

    7th Grade Boys Basketball
    8th Grade Boys Basketball
    7th Grade Girls Basketball
    8th Grade Girls Basketball
    7th/8th Grade Cheerleading


    Spring Sports

    7th/8th Grade Track