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     Mrs. Akiode

    Dear Benton Family,

    My name is Shalonda Akiode and I am the lead Artist Educator at Benton STEM Elementary and the part-time Artist Educator at Beulah Ralph Elementary School.  Encouraging learners to realize their artistic voice and vision is my calling.  For me, entering Art Education was a gift.  Art is not something added to our lives.  It is life and is my calling.  I have been teaching art education for over seven years and letting my light shine in the classroom, school district, and community. I have an ache to create that I believe has been given to humankind.

    Artists, I could not be more excited to work with you and your child! 

    Knowing the importance of art, and the lasting impact that a teacher can have, have given me a burning motivation to empower emerging artists with unique tools to pursue their passions and instill others with the importance of creativity, self-expression, and visual literacy.  Art is a part of all cultures and necessitates an open mind. It is a risk to have an open mind, yet art is a tool that enables one to be bold enough to embrace a world full of other perspectives. Being a teacher comes with great responsibilities that I do not take lightly.

    If you would like to learn more about me and my work as an artist-educator feel free to reach out. My studio space is an open door and I welcome communication.  Please let me know if I can offer additional artistic support to your child!


    Benton Bees




       Email: sakiode@cpsk12.org
       Phone: 573-214-3610