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    Updated Routes and Information Effective October 16, 2020

    With elementary students returning to in-person learning beginning on Monday, October 19, we have updated the Grab and Go Meal Service pick up locations and pick up will only be available at Hickman High School from between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. 

    You can find the closest stop to you using the interactive map below. Buses run multiple-stop routes Monday-Friday according to the school district calendar. Stops last a maximum of 15 minutes. Stops are not school-specific but rather designed regionally to include as many high-need areas as possible. Please find the stop closest to you using the map below and go there with your student at the designated time.  

    Students ages 2-18 can obtain a meal.  Adults may pick up meals for students who are unable to do so.  A student number is not required for each student meal set that is obtained.  If a child is not enrolled at CPS, we will need a know the child’s name, and parent/guardian name and contact information. We ask that you practice social distancing while at the stop.  Both breakfast and lunch will be packed as a Grab-and-Go bag. Students may select a sack meal that includes breakfast and lunch, one milk and a fruit and/or vegetable. Meals contain some perishable and some non-perishable items. Please adhere to disposal and refrigeration instructions for perishable items.

    Due to the unpredictable nature of our governmental directives in this time of uncertainty and/or due to an internal control that may have to be enacted, services may be forced to discontinue at a moment’s notice. We apologize in advance if we are forced to take this plan of action. 


    • As a reminder, the bus stops on the attached document (link) indicate the times and locations of food delivery.
    • All routes are updated. Times are estimated and may be delayed due to circumstances outside of the district's control. If you are unable to wait at the stop closest to you, you may go to the nearest school to receive meals. 

    You can use this locator map to find your closest stop. Use the locator box in the bottom right to input your address. The default is for addresses to not include punctuation (for example: PL for Place, DR for Dr.). Make sure to include Columbia. 

    Sample search:
    Sample Address Search for Grab and Go Locator Map Fall 2020

    Note the blue pin is the address you searched.

    Blue Pin Map Indicator for Grab and Go Lunch Fall 2020

    Grab and Go Lunch Legend

    Grab and Go Bus Route 1 Alpha Hart Lewis

    Grab and Go Bus Route 1 Alpha Hart Lewis part two

    Grab and Go Bus Route 2

    Grab and Go Bus Route 3

    Grab and Go Bus Route 4

    Grab and Go Route 5

    Grab and Go Bus Route 6

    Grab and Go Bus Route 7

    Grab and Go Route 8

    Grab and Go Bus Route 9



    Grab and Go Meal Service Pick Up Location Logo

    In addition to those stops, the following four school buildings will have nutrition services staff available between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. every morning if families would prefer to stop by the building to pick up food

    Hickman High School – 1104 North Providence Rd. (Westside entrance)

    If your family lives too far away from a location and is unable to either get to the bus stop or one of the four schools, please contact your building for additional assistance.



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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who can pick up the meals?
    Parents may pick up meals for children, however, parents must have the student's (or non-enrolled child's) name and/or student number available to receive meals. 

    What do students do who can’t get to the stop or the stop is during their class time?
    Please contact the front office at your student's school to discuss any conflicts. 

    My school isn’t listed. Does this mean we are not eligible for these meals?
    No, please find the stop that is closest to your home for a meal pick up. Lunch@cpsk12.org can also assist you with this.

    Do I have to go to my school’s area to pick up a meal?
    No, you can either pick up your meals at the middle schools listed above or use the bus stop closest to you.

    Do I need to sign up to receive a meal?
    No, all meal routes are for any child age 2-18 years old, however, a student number and/or a name will be required to pick up a meal. 

    Do only free/reduced students get these meals, or can anyone have a meal?
    Any household with children can obtain meals for their children regardless of meal benefit status.

    What is the cost of the meals?
    The bus route meals are at no cost for children.  

    I don’t see my street listed. Where should I go?
    You can locate the bus stop closest to you or pick up a meal at the middle schools listed above. 

    Translated Information: