• The Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP) General Information

    For secondary students, enrollment in individual MOCAP courses occurs simultaneously with enrollment in other CPS courses. Individual MOCAP courses may only be added or dropped during in-seat enrollment timelines. Students should enroll in MOCAP courses the same way they enroll for regular CPS courses, i.e., with their counselors. Course options can be found on the MOCAP website.

    These online courses are asynchronous and designed for self-motivated students who can work independently. In an online course, students take the entire course online instead of in a face-to-face classroom environment. Courses are not taught using Zoom; rather they are self-paced.  Please note that if your child has an IEP, the IEP team must meet to consider the request prior to enrollment in a MOCAP course.

    Parents interested in enrolling their child in a full-time MOCAP program should visit www.mocap.mo.gov for a list of providers. Please note that students participating in a full-time MOCAP program will be required to enroll in the virtual program's host district and will be unenrolled from the Columbia Public Schools.

    If you have questions regarding MOCAP, please get in touch with Dr. Tim Majerus, Columbia Public Schools MOCAP Coordinator, by phone at (573) 214-3987 or via email tmajerus@cpsk12.org.

    Any request to enroll in a MOCAP course denied by Columbia Public Schools can be appealed. Parents will be notified of the denial and sent information about the appeals process. For more information about the appeals process, please get in touch with Elizabeth McCracken, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, who can be reached via email at emccracken@cpsk12.org or by phone at (573) 214-3932. 

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