Online Acknowledgments and Payments

  • In our combined efforts to reduce paperwork and offer additional payment options, Columbia Public Schools now offers the ability to acknowledge receipt of certain documents and make secure payments online.

    The following acknowledgment options are currently available:

    • Guardian iPad/Laptop acknowledgment
    • Guardian acknowledgment of the Student Handbook
    • Guardian Transportation Conduct acknowledgment
    • Guardian acknowledgment of the Consent to Disclosure of Free/Reduced Lunch Price status (for grades 6-12 only)

    The following secure payment options are also available: 

    • Make an online donation to Columbia Public Schools
    • Pay select fees
    • Payment for damage, theft or loss of a CPS one-to-one device
    • Add to your child's lunch account
    • Make a payment to the Athletic Department's Sports Marketing Partnership

    Guardians will use their CPS issued Guardian ID/password to access the acknowledgment pages. You must be flagged as the student's Guardian in our student information system in order to see your student's information.

    If you have questions about being able to login to view your student's information, please contact your student's school.