Rock Bridge High School Registration



    Week of Jan. 9:  Registration Starts Week of Jan. 9

    9th grade - Advisory

    10th grade - Biology

    11th grade - US Studies

    Jan 9-10 (B / A): Registration Presentation & Materials Passed Out by TEACHERS

    Jan. 11: Q&A / Advisement sign-up in US Studies

    Jan 12-13: Q&A Pop-In - Bio

    Jan. 17-18: Q&A Pop-In - Advisory

    Jan. 17 - 18: STOP Days

    Jan. 19:  8th Grade Visits

    Jan. 23 - 27: Individual Advisement with Sophomores through Bio

    Jan. 24: Course Fair 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

    Jan. 27:  Course Request Cards Due

    Jan. 30 - Feb 2: Individual Advisement with Freshmen through Advisory

    Feb. 2-3: Counselors to Middle Schools to review cards

    Feb. 6: Junior Advisement Begins

    March 2:  Last Day to Make Changes / Requests finalized in HAC


    Counselors will be in U.S. Studies classes on January 11, 2023 to help students register for their appointment. Students who were absent on the 11th or who do not have an in-seat U.S. Studies class, can use the links to their counselor’s calendar below to schedule their advisement appointment.


      • The following calendar links are ONLY FOR CURRENT JUNIORS to schedule their Individual Advisement appointments with their counselor in February. Counselors will meet individually with sophomores and freshmen at the dates noted above in the Registration Timeline.

    Mrs. Reed – AVID Students

    Mrs. McKee – A and T-Z

    Dr. Alexander – B-C

    Ms. Walthall – D-F and H

    Mrs. Cleppe – G and I-L

    Mr. Harl/Mrs. Piester – M-P

    Mrs. Kersha – Q-S


    RBHS  Feel free to call the Counseling office (573-214-3111) or email your counselor if you have questions or need help.


Registration Information