Aslin Administration Building

  • Neil C. Aslin, 1911-1976 
    Neil C. Aslin
    Neil C. Aslin was born on January 19, 1911, in Idalia, Missouri. He was educated at Southeast Missouri State Teachers College and the University of Missouri and served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent for 10  years before moving to Columbia, Missouri.
     In 1942, Neil C. Aslin began as a graduate student and instructor at the University of Missouri. He became principal of Hickman High School in 1944, and in 1946 was hired by the Board of Education to serve as Columbia's superintendent. He guided Columbia's schools for the next 16 years until 1962, when he took a teaching position at the University of Missouri. In 1968, he became chairman of the Department of Educational Administration, a position he held until 1976. 
    At the beginning of Dr. Aslin's term as superintendent, Columbia had two high schools, one junior high school, and five elementary schools. His leadership guided Columbia's teachers and students through the 1954 Supreme Court decision to desegregate our nation's schools. Under his leadership, the school district was nationally recognized as one of America's most outstanding.
    Showing his firm belief in continuing the highest standards of excellence, Dr. Aslin hired the best and brightest young educators he could find. Many of the persons he hired as administrators for Columbia Public Schools, he also mentored. Among them were Bob Shaw, Russell Thompson, Jim Ritter, and Eliot and Muriel Battle.
    As an educator and an individual, Dr. Aslin set an example of excellence, loyalty, dedication, and high ideals for each student. 
    What is educationally desirable should be made administratively possible.
    --Neil C. Aslin 
  • Building Features
    The Neil C. Aslin Administration Building has many innovative features, some of which include:
    • 40,000-square-foot addition; 52,000 total square footage
    • Two-story floor plan with departmental office suites 
    • New updated Board of Education meeting room space with capacity for 175 people
    • Technology upgrades including wifi access, Smart Boards, paging system, video and audio systems
    • Condensed storage system for centralized filing
    • 12 conference rooms
    • Three kitchenette hospitality areas and a building prep kitchen
    • Loading dock with separate secure entrance
    • Increased parking lot space for employees and patrons
    • Keyless entry and enhanced building security and emergency management systems
    • West Middle School received an improved outdoor track and practice field as a result of the construction, and trails have been built to connect the administration building's parking lot to the ARC to allow for additional parking for the Columbia Farmer's Market
    The new building features a number of environmentally friendly components, including:
    • Ground source heating and cooling, featuring zoned controlling and chill beams that will capture excess heat in the winter and dissipate into the snow melt piping in the entry plaza 
    • Plug-in stations for electric cars
    • Occupancy sensors for lighting
    • Daylight harvesting
    • High efficiency fluorescent light fixtures
    • Dark sky compliant exterior light fixtures
    • Low-flow water closets and restroom facilities
    • Low emitting flooring, adhesives, and sealants
    • Reflective white roofing
    • Thermal and tinted windows
    • Locally made concrete masonry materials
  • Administration Building History
    Aslin Administration Building  Neil C. Aslin Administration Building
    The district administration building has had many locations throughout the history of the school district.
    During Dr. Aslin's tenure with Columbia Public Schools, administrative offices were located at Lee School (now Locust Street Expressive Arts Elementary School) before moving into the residence on Range Line Street next to Field School in 1948. The home and land had been purchased from former school board member James S. Wharton for $7,500 earlier that year.
    The Range Line Street location was intended to be used as temporary administrative offices. The home was utilized as the main district administration building until 1981, when the original wing of the offices at 1818 West Worley Street was constructed. 
    Aslin at administrative offices at 802 Range Line Street  
    Neil C. Aslin poses in front of the Columbia Board of Education Building at 802 Range Line Street