Our counselors provide both individual and building support for our students and their families.  They can assist students with their academic, personal/social, and career development needs.  In addition, our school counselors design and implement a comprehensive school counseling program that supports our students in their academic and post-secondary success.  

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    Susan Matthews

    (Director of Counseling/A+ Coordinator/AVID)

    573-214-3008 Ext. 43450

    Megan Gordon (Students with 504s)

    573-214-3008 Ext. 43315

    Liz Gragnani (Students with IEPs)

    573-214-3008  Ext. 43453

    Michael Onwulata (Last names: A-D)

    573-214-3008  Ext. 43058

    Maria McMahon (Last names: E-K)

    573-214-3008  Ext. 43455

    Paige Reed (Last names: L-Rod)

    573-214-3008  Ext. 43457

    Robin Hogan (Last names: Rod-Z)

    573-214-3008  Ext. 43461