Join us for EEE Quiz Bowl!

  Quiz Bowl is an after-school club open to all EEE 4th and 5th grade students.  We will meet on Thursdays at the Gifted Center from 4:15-5:45, and we plan to participate in a tournament on Saturday, April 21st.  Students are not required to attend every practice, and participation in the tournament is optional (but highly encouraged)!


Practice                      Thursday, February 22                     4:15-5:45

Practice                      Thursday, March 1                            4:15-5:45

Practice                      Thursday, March 8                            4:15-5:45

Practice                      Thursday, March 15                          4:15-5:45

Practice                      Thursday, March 22                          4:15-5:45

Practice                      Thursday, April 5                              4:15-5:45

Practice                      Thursday, April 19                            4:15-5:45

Tournament               Saturday, April 21                             TBA

Party 😊                    Thursday, April 26                            4:15-5:45


Practice Procedures

  • We run a closed practice, which means that only students participating in Quiz Bowl and teacher supervisors may attend practice.
  • Drop off and Pick-up will occur on Pannell Street (see map on next page) which is a departure from our usual circle drive process. Strict adherence to drop-off and pick-up times is crucial to our club’s success, so please plan to honor our process.
  • During drop-off, parents should pull up next to the school heading South on Pannell (this will help our students avoid crossing street traffic to enter the building). Rohrs will be at the door ready to receive students at 4:15. Please do not drop your student off early, as there will not be a teacher available to receive students who may arrive early.
  • During student pick-up, parents will pick up students in a similar fashion, heading South on Pannell. It is helpful to have a sign taped to the front passenger window with the student’s first and last name to expedite the pick-up process.  Students will be busy working until 5:45. For the security of our students, all doors to the building will be locked.  Rohrs will walk students out promptly at 5:45 and load one student at a time into each car.


 Questions?  Contact Gretchen Rohrs (