• Hello GMS!


    My name is Michael Onwulata but most students know me as Mr./Coach O. I am a school counselor for last names (S-Z). This is my 6th year in Columbia Public Schools. I have worked at West, Oakland, Jefferson, and now Gentry. Gentry holds a special place in my heart because I went to school here! I have an 8 year old son who attends Rock Bridge Elementary and a 2 pup sons at home as well. Some of my hobbies include: coaching basketball, spending time with my family, playing sports, and playing the guitar!

    I am excited to be back at Gentry! If you have any issues feel free to contact me via email!


    Fun Fact! I am 6'7 (Now you don't have to ask)


    How do you pronounce my last name? (It's Nigerian) ON-WOO-LAH-TUH