• Welcome to the West Middle School Counseling Office!


    Students and families are encouraged to visit with school counselors whenever needed. We offer academic and emotional support, scheduling changes, and information on community resources. If your family has questions or concerns, please contact us by phone, email, or appointment. See our contact information below. 


    We ask that students fill out a student appointment request form if they need to see a school counselor. We will schedule a time to see them that minimizes time out of class. 


    Our Counseling Team for 2019-2020 

    Registrar and Counseling Office Secretary:

    Mrs. Kecia Reddick: kreddick@cpsk12.org

    Counseling Office Phone Number: 573-214-3233

    Counseling Office Fax:  573-214-3392


    6th Grade Counselors:

    A-L: Ms. Debbie Poese: dpoese@cpsk12.org

    M-Z: Ms. Amelia Howser: amhowser@cpsk12.org


    7th Grade Counselor:

    Ms. Amelia Howser: amhowser@cpsk12.org


    8th Grade Counselor:

    Ms. Debbie Poese: dpoese@cpsk12.org


    7th and 8th Grade AVID: 

    Ms. Debbie Poese: dpoese@cpsk12.org


    Outreach Counselor: 

    Our outreach counselor is a good support for community and mental health resources. 

    Ms. Cara Crumley: ccrumley@cpsk12.org