• Columbia Public Schools United Way Campaign

    Payment Option:  Payroll Deduction

    Columbia Public Schools deducts contributions from 12 consecutive checks, regardless of work schedule. 

    Your total contribution will always be the amount contributed per check multiplied by 12. 

     The final pledge will always follow the example below of A x B = C:

    A. Amount per pay period = $5.00
    B. 12 pay checks (Number of Pay Periods) = 12
    C. Total Annual Payroll Deduction (A X B) = $60.00

    Employees who are paid twice a month will complete their contributions in 6 months.

    Employees who are paid once a month will complete their contribution in 12 months.

    Employees must sign their contribution form.  The Business Office cannot deduct payment without the employee's original signature.

    Questions:  Contact Kelly Wulff, kwulff@cspk12.org