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Letter to Parents about Success Ready Reporting

Dear Elementary Parents/Guardians: 


As we embark on a new school year, Columbia Public Schools would like to share with you some changes in how teachers will communicate about student behaviors, effort, and conduct in the classroom.

Columbia Public Schools is implementing Standards Referenced Grading (SRG). In SRG, students are graded on how well they know and understand a specific learning objective within a course.  Academic grading is focused on what students must know and be able to do by the end of the learning.  Additionally, SRG separates academic grades from classroom behavior evaluations.  For example, elements like participation or timeliness are not part of the score for how well a student understands a specific concept in a course.  


Student behaviors, effort and conduct will be evaluated in four main areas: work habits, interactions with peers, interactions with adults, and personal growth (in a category called Success Ready). As the school district transitions to SRG, teachers will begin with reporting student work habits to parents.  As implementation of SRG continues, teachers will add interactions with peers and adults as well as personal growth or goal setting as additional reports for parents.

As with anything new, we know parents will have lots of questions. Please reach out with questions, comments and concerns…your opinion and ideas are very important to us!

Thank you!


Columbia Public Schools

Lindsey Troutman

K-12 Success Ready Facilitator

(573) 214-3946