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North Hall Entry FAQ

North Entry (Business Loop Circle Drive) - “NEW” Main Entry - FAQ


What time will the entrances be open?

    • West (off of Providence Road) 7:30 AM-8:55 AM
    • North (near Business loop circle drive) 7:30 AM-9:10 AM 
    • East (off of 7th Street) 8:00 AM-8:55 AM  
    • Northeast (near the Nurses office) 8:00 AM-8:55 AM and during passing times to Fine Arts.


  • Fine Arts 8:00 AM-8:55 AM during passing periods.


  • South (near room 125) Staff Access Only  or CASA Students during passing periods. 


*ALL Exterior doors will be EXIT ONLY after 8:55 AM 


When should I enter through the North doors ?

  • When entering the building after 8:55 AM.
  • When returning from lunch or appointments.


When do I need my Student ID to get into the building?

  • ALL students should make it a habit to have their student ID accessible at all times.  This will expedite the check in and check out process. Student IDs are required to attend extracurricular activities.
  • Students who do  not have their Student ID will be required to provide their full name and Student ID number to be cross-referenced with our school information system. 
  • Juniors or Seniors who use the privilege of going off campus for lunch, as well as Freshman and Sophomores who eat lunch outside will be required to provide a student ID upon returning to the building through the North entrance.  The north entrance is the only entrance to use after the lunch bell rings.


What will the new entry procedure look like?

  • You will approach the North outer doors.
  • You will buzz the intercom. Please make sure you can be seen by the camera.
  • The attendant will greet you.  Please be prepared to identify yourself and your purpose for being on campus.
  • Upon gaining access to the North Breezeway.  Please step up to the office entry.
  • You will then be granted access to the North Office. Upon entering the North office you will check in with the secretary in charge. 
  • If you are waiting for a student, you may wait here.
  • If you will be entering the main building you will be provided a Visitor pass and you will exit into the hall near the auditorium and proceed to your destination.


What is the process for my Parent or Guardian to check a student in or out?

  • Parents or Guardians should contact your student’s Attendance/Dean’s office.
  • The Dean’s office will notify the student to report to the North Office.
  • The student will report to the North office to sign-out and await pick up.
  • Parent or Guardian will pick up the student at the North Office entry.