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Technology Q&A Updates

Always remember to check the Tech Services website scroller for any technology issue updates.  You can also go to Downdetector to see what outages might be happening nationwide.

I cannot see my (or my student's) overall course grade in Home Access.

In Home Access, click on Classes. Then while on the classwork tab, click Full View in the top right above the first class listed.

You should see the class expand and will see a section titled Categories underneath the list of assignments.

Below that, you will see Total Points and a line of text will be underneath that that says Course overall average.

I may need wifi at my house...where do I go for information?  TRY HERE!

I need to print at home - TRY THIS
I cannot print at home, but need to print.  What can I do?

There is a student desk set up inside the North vestibule. A student with their laptop can buzz in the North entrance and state they are here to print. They can sit at the desk and print their items to our virtual printer. Student then should buzz the new door in the vestibule and give our staff their student number. Staff will punch in the student number on printer, print the items, and hand items to student through the door.  Student may then leave.

I need to update or install Zoom or something else that is in Software Center and I don't see anything in there.

Software Center programs can only be seen when on the CPS wifi.  Go to a parking lot of any CPS building and get on the CPS wifi.  Programs should then show up in Software Center.  It may take up to 10 minutes for Software Center programs to show up and it might be a good idea to restart your computer once you are on our WIFI. Update or install the program while still on the CPS wifi. 

I need to install Kami - LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS

Windows License Expiration message on laptops

Some of the student laptops have begun to display an error stating "Your Windows License will expire soon."  THE LICENSE WILL NOT EXPIRE.  This message is simply displaying because the devices have not been on our network for 180 days.  This is just a reminder message; the laptop will continue to function normally with no loss of data or functionality.  It is just an annoying message.


 There are 4 ways to fix this issue: 

  1. Click Close and continue working. 
  2. Turn off the laptop. Come to a CPS building parking lot. Power on the Device.  Log in.  Make sure the device connects to the district Wifi. Wait 10 minutes and the message will no longer pop up.
  3. Students can come to any middle school M-F from 12:30-2:30pm and a technician will help students remove the message.
  4. Students can call the Student Helpdesk at 214-3334 and a technician will help students remove the message.