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ACT Prep Course


ACT Prep Course (No Credit)


Are you interested in a 4-8 week no credit ACT Prep course that could raise your composite score 3 points? 


In this asynchronous course, Ms. Villasana will serve as your ACT coach. Ms. Villasana has over 7 years of experience in helping Columbia high school students improve their ACT scores. Assignments are posted in a Schoology course, students will need to commit to engaging in the coursework. Student desire to work to improve their score and actively reflect on their learning is required. 


If you are interested, please complete and submit this form ASAP. You will receive an email with a Schoology course code and information on picking up the print materials required for this course.  Ms. Villasana will provide support via email, Schoology messages, assignment feedback, and during Wednesday office hours from 2-4pm. 


This course is ideal for any junior or senior planning to take a spring ACT that currently has a 2-3 course load and can make time 4-5 days a week for ACT practice.