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Columbia Public Schools wins Early Childhood Education Program of the Year Award

Columbia Public Schools’ Early Childhood Education Program received the Early Childhood Education Program of the Year award from FutureBuilders, the educational foundation of the Missouri School Boards’ Association. The award will be formally presented at the 2021 MSBA Annual Conference later this year.    

The MSBA FutureBuilders Early Childhood Education Program of the Year recognizes public school districts that have implemented programs to advance quality early educational opportunities for children. The MSBA FutureBuilders Board selects Award recipients based on innovative approaches and outstanding ability to engage and support the development of the children in their care and on their overall commitment to early childhood education.

The CPS program worked toward decreasing the achievement gap by practicing a conscious understanding of the unique challenges and barriers faced by individual students, families, administrators, teachers, and staff to provide additional supports designed to help overcome obstacles.

The program is making gains with closing the gap between typically developing children and those that are considered at risk in the areas of academic or behavior, children from homeless families, families receiving public assistance such as TANF or SSI, Foster children, and those living in poverty.  Students who have left the program have increased kindergarten readiness skills in reading by 12.41 percent and in math by 8.38 percent on the Aimwebplus assessment.