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AHL Received Bronze Positive Behavior Support Award

Congratulations to the staff at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School for receiving the Bronze Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Award of Excellence.

According to the PBISMissouri website, the Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Awards of Excellence were created to recognize schools that achieve positive outcomes for students through the exemplary implementation of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS). In addition, the Awards of Excellence:

  1. promote an evidence-based, systems approach that improves outcomes for students.
  2. reinforce staff efforts in implementing SW-PBS.
  3. provide a continuous feedback loop to improve SW-PBS implementation.
  4. identify exemplary schools serving all age and demographic groups to serve as model demonstration sites.

Criteria are based on the effective implementation of the essential components outlined by the National Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support. The criteria are intentionally rigorous, even as the requirements are narrowly focused on those artifacts and data points that must be produced for a school to implement SW-PBS with fidelity. This intense groundwork produces sustainable systems and practices that result in positive outcomes for students.