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More than 50 CPS student qualify for state DECA competition

Fifty-one Columbia Public Schools students will advance to the state DECA Career Development competition in March.  


The students qualified after achieving top finishes in the District 2 competition held in Columbia in Februrary.  


DECA is a student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.  The DECA competition is divided into two parts. Students first take an exam on basic marketing knowledge. Student then participate in a “role play” situation where students are given a marketing situation for whiich they must develop a solution and then present the solution for judging. The final score is a combination of both parts.


Columbia Area Careeer Center DECA advisors are Hannah Johnson, Mikah Simpson and Scott Fuenfhausen.  


The following students qualified for state competition:


Individual Events:

Accounting Applications

1st place: Pranav Patel (Rock Bridge)


Apparel & Accessories Marketing

1st place: Noah Winton (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Ellie Barnett (Rock Bridge)


Automotive Services

1st place: Konor Juengermann (Rock Bridge)


Business Finance

1st place: Alex Boran (Rock Bridge)


Business Services Marketing

1st place: Cameron Thompson (Rock Bridge)



2nd place: Gabe Britt (Hickman)


Marketing Communications

1st place:  Ethan Hayes (Rock Bridge)


Restaurant and Food Service Management

1st place: Preston Liddle (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Spencer Buckler (Battle)


Hotel & Lodging Management

2nd place: Leslie Frymire (Hickman)


Human Resource Management

1st place: Raymond Foster (Rock Bridge)


Sports & Entertainment Marketing (individual series)

1st place: Elena Seville (Hickman)

2nd place: Sean Minor (Rock Bridge)


Food Marketing Series

1st place: Jadyn Lisenby (Rock Bridge)


Retail Merchandising

1st place: Allison Keys (Hickman)


Quick Serve Restaurant Management

1st place: Lily Joos (Rock Bridge)


Principles of Business Management & Administration

1st place: Kiran MacLead (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Michael Zhu (Rock Bridge)


Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

1st place: Kaylee DeMoss (Hickman)

2nd place: Piper Osman (Rock Bridge)


Principles of Marketing

1st place: Abdul El-Walid (Battle)


Principles of Finance

1st place: Hope Adamson (Battle)


Team Events:

Business Law & Ethics

1st place: Conor Byrne & Sam Wills (Hickman)

2nd place: Luke Gallagher & Bet Menen (Rock Bridge)


Buying & Merchandising

2nd place: Sydney Dent & Saylor Forsyth (Rock Bridge)



1st place: Henry Huang & Taisheng Li (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Ethan Franks & Carson Swain (Rock Bridge)


Financial Analysis

2nd place: Walter Bratrud & Fletcher Orr (Hickman)


Hospitality Services

1st place: Caroline Schade & Madi Steuber (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Alexis Kliethermes & Kate Conley Hughes (Rock Bridge)


Sports & Entertainment (team)

1st place: Peyton Carr & Wyatt Towe  (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Connor Ashton & Kyle Brown (Hickman)


Travel & Tourism

1st place: Kennedy Grieman & Lauren Reynolds (Rock Bridge)

2nd place: Jackson Brawner & Emma Wilson (Rock Bridge)


Marketing Communications Management

1st place: Caleb Mitchell & Jasper Schomaker (Hickman)

2nd place: Hannah Pate & Emilia Zacherl (Rock Bridge)