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Battle student wins world championship in problem solving

Congratulations to Battle High School student Allison Collier who won the Scenario Writing contest in the Future Problem Solving Program Interational competition in the senior division.

Future Problem Solving Program International is an international program that provides competitive and non-competitive components for today’s curriculum via a six-step model teaching critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making for students from all over the world.

Scenario Writing is an individual competition that challenges students to develop short stories related to one of five topics selected for the year. The story (1500 words or less) is set at least 20 years in the future and is an imagined, but logical, outcome of actions or events taking place in the world. The Scenario Writing component strives to help students enlarge, enrich, and make more accurate their images of the future, while honing their creative writing skills.

Allison’s topic was terraforming, which means transforming a planet to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life. 

2020 competition results: