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Children's Grove art contest

Congratulations to the following teachers and their students who were selected as finalists in the Children's Grove Art Contest. The original art will be on display at the public library from now through February 23. The vote will be posted as a link on the Children's Grove Facebook page from now through February 14. The winner, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place finalists, will be announced on Facebook shortly after the vote closes. The winner(s) of the art contest will be presented with a special certificate at their school and parents/guardians will be invited. Contest participants will receive a special invitation to appear at the Children's Grove at Stephens Lake Park Butterfly Bench Dedication on Sunday, June 7.
 "Layla" by Dekazia
Lange Middle School
Barb Barlow, Art Teacher
"A friend is respectful and not rude one minute and nice one minute." 
 "Bottlenose Love"
 "Bottlenose Love" by Breanna
Parkade Elementary School
Kaitlyn Sisak, Art Teacher 
 "Colors Creating Joy"
 "Colors Creating Joy" by Ada
 Paxton Keeley Elementary School
Carol Stoddart, Art Teacher 
 "Trio Love"
 "Trio Love" by Allison
Shepard Boulevard Elementary School
Jeri Donoho, Art Teacher 
 "Generosity" by Abby
"I can be generous by loaning my friends a pair of gloves on a cold day"
Russell Boulevard Elementary School
Cary Taylor, Art Teacher 
 "Jumping for Joy"
 "Jumping for Joy" by Charlie and Frank
Cedar Ridge Elementary School
George Szabo, Art Teacher 
 "Friendly Dolphins"
 "Friendly Dolphins" by Sarah
"To be understanding means to not laugh at other people because they are different than you and to help others and be patient with them."
Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School
Debi Carrow, Art Teacher 
 "Friends of All Colors"
 "Friends of All Colors" by Taylor
Midway Heights Elementary School
Anna Carey, Art Teacher