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50 Career Center marketing students qualify for DECA state competition

Pete Eichholz, Anne Hickman, and Scott Fuenfhausen, DECA advisors for the Columbia Area Career Center, announced the results of the DECA District 2 competition held on February 4 at the Holiday Inn Expo Center in Columbia. More than 200 students from District 2 competed in the day-long event, including DECA members from the Battle, Hickman, and Rock Bridge chapters. Students finishing in the top two in each event advance to the State Career Development Conference on March 15 for the chance to move on to nationals, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, in April.
The DECA competition is divided into two parts. Students first take an exam which tests basic marketing knowledge. The second portion of the competition is "role play," where students are given a marketing situation in which they must develop a solution and then present that solution to a judge, who rates their solution. The final score is a combination of the two parts. 
Human Resource Management
1st place: Lily Burns (Hickman)
2nd place: Margaret Straw (Hickman)
Apparel and Accessories Marketing
2nd place: Becca Wagner (Hickman)
Automotive Services
2nd place: Austin Schiefer (Christian Fellowship)
Business Services Marketing
1st place: Tate Dempsey (Battle)
2nd place: Thomas Semkiw (Hickman)
Marketing Management
1st place: Madison McDonnell (Rock Bridge)
Restaurant and Food Service Management
1st place: Shelby King (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Bridget Vazquez (Hickman)
Retail Merchandising
2nd place: Brooklyn Hill (Rock Bridge)
Hotel and Lodging Management
1st place: Courtney King (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Betsy Poehlman (Rock Bridge)
Sports and Entertainment Marketing (individual series)
1st place: Gareth Greenwell (Hickman)
2nd place: Joey Koetting (Rock Bridge)
Food Marketing Series
2nd place: Addison Neutzmann (Rock Bridge)
Business Finance
1st place: Jack Rentschler (Rock Bridge)
Quick Serve Restaurant Management
2nd place: Andrew Ricks (Christian Fellowship)
Principles of Business Management and Administration
2nd Place: Quinn Miller (Rock Bridge)
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
1st place: Sara Swaney (Hickman)
2nd place: Ana Tager (Hickman)
Principles of Marketing
1st place: Zuhair Thabit (Hickman)
Principles of Finance
1st place: Mariah Murphy (Rock Bridge)
Team Management Events: 
Business Law and Ethics
1st place: Brett Norton and Peyton Tettleton (Hickman)
2nd place: Greyson Jeffrey and Aaron Ghidey (Rock Bridge)
Buying and Merchandising
1st place: Lauren Forest and Maddy Towns (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: McKenzie Harris and Eden Bartok (Hickman)
Financial Analysis
1st place: Tanner Lawrence and Daniel Veros (Hickman)
2nd place: Reed Steuber and Nick Whitworth (Rock Bridge)
Hospitality Services
1st place: Sam Hoyt and Aubrey Jaco (Hickman)
2nd place: Elliot Bones and Paul Kindling (Rock Bridge)
Sports and Entertainment (team)
1st place: Carson England and Eric Kuse (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Andrew Wooldridge and Matt Eichelmeier (Rock Bridge)
Travel and Tourism
1st place: Maddie Gilmore and Kay Frymire (Hickman)
2nd place: Adison Capel and Shannon Greene (Hickman) 
Marketing Communications
1st place: Charlie Dranginis and Sam Baugher (Hickman)
2nd place: Matasen Chambers and Caitlin Price (Hickman)
Leadership Delegate
Brooklyn Hill (Rock Bridge)
Third place finishers (do not qualify for state)
Hotel and Lodging
Mark David (Hickman)
Human Resource Management
Camille McManus (Rock Bridge)
Sports and Entertainment (individual)
Mickey Hua (Hickman)
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
Raven Stokes (Hickman)
Principles of Marketing
Cameron Hawkins (Battle)
Restaurant and Food Service Management
Amy Agnew (Hickman)