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Volunteers needed for Hickman mini-conference

On Tuesday, April 28, Hickman High School will hold a College and Career Ready mini-conference from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for Hickman's senior students. The conference will include panel discussions (including individuals from various career clusters, the voices of current college students, etc.), tips on how to obtain and retain jobs/careers, sessions on how to survive and thrive in college, and a host of others.
Hickman is looking for dedicated community members who would be willing to (1) speak on a panel with other individuals in a field related to their own, or (2) develop a 45-minute session on a topic that will benefit students once they graduate from Hickman. A planning committee has already developed many topics from which to choose; however, suggestions for topics/sessions not listed are welcome.
If you are interested in participating please email Eric Johnson by April 14. Once you have expressed interest, you will receive confirmation from a member of the planning committee. Below is a schedule of times for each session. We understand that you are very busy, so when you express interest, please let us know the block(s) of time that you are available to help. The specific sessions will be scheduled based on volunteers' availability.
Thank you in advance for your time, your support, and your willingness to serve.
Conference Agenda
9:00-9:30          Senior Meeting
9:35-10:20        Session 1
10:25-11:10      Session 2
11:15-12:00      Session 3
12:05-12:50      Session 4 
College Ready (potential breakout sessions)
1. The First year of College: Everything You Need to Know
a. How to choose a major
b. Organization and time management 
c. How and where do I find support?
2. Campus Involvement 
a. Balancing social life and academics
b. Fraternities and sororities: What are they all about?
3. Show Me the Money
a. Scholarships and financial aid 
Career Ready (potential breakout sessions) 
1. Continuing Education in Technical Fields
2. From High School to the Work Force
3. How to Lose  Job in 10 Days
4. You've Got the Job: The Dos and Don'ts of Interviewing
Personal Development (potential breakout sessions)
1. What's Your Brand?
a. Do your actions align with how you want the world, your college, or a future employer to see you?
b. Social media etiquette (what's your digital footprint?)
c. Personal characteristics
2. Know Yourself: The True Colors Activity (Mizzou Leadership Academy)
3. Career aptitude test 
Career Cluster Panels: Hearing it from those who are doing it
1. Health services
2. Human services
3. Business management and technology
4. Arts and communication
5. Industrial and engineering technology
6. Natural resources/agriculture