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Columbia Youth Teaching Efficiency contest winners

Columbia Water & Light held a marketing competition for middle school students in Columbia Public Schools’ Extended Educational Experience (EEE) program. The competition gave students a real-world project to use the skills they learn during the energy efficiency marketing unit. Columbia Water & Light gave out a total of $1,000 in prize money to the most creative and clever entries in each category. Plus, the students have a rare opportunity to showcase their creations in the community.

Columbia Water & Light constantly works to educate customers about energy efficiency. The goal with this project is to present the utility’s efficiency marketing messages in a fun way that showcases the youth's creativity. It also teaches future problem-solvers to think about energy efficiency and incorporate it into their own lives.

Each student could submit one official entry for each of the following categories: visual art, haiku, marketing program name, and 30-second audio commercial. Since this was the first year of the project, Columbia Water & Light staff also added some special categories when one element of the entry stood out for one reason but it wasn’t enough to make it an overall winner in its category. The utility has not determined all the ways that the students’ entries will be used. Some of the ads have been scheduled to run on radio stations, in web ads, on social media outlets and featured in the City Source newsletter. There are some entries that will be more suitable for the winter so contest entries will be used over the next year.

All of the submissions are showcased in the display cabinets on the first floor of City Hall. The winning entries can also be found on Columbia Water & Light’s energy efficiency Web site.

2015 Columbia Water & Light Marketing Contest Winners

WINNER: Jackson Huenefeldt, Smithton, Kirkpatrick, 6th
HONORABLE MENTION: Hardy Emmett Pottinger, West, Barnhouse, 6th

Elizabeth Henderson, West, Barnhouse, 6th
Lucie Song, Jeff, Winton, 6th
Audrey Guess, Gentry, Trower, 7th
Olivia Garino, Smithton, Kirkpatrick, 7th
Ivy Asplund, Gentry, Trower, 7th
Rongrong Wang, Jeff, Winton, 6th
Grace Spell, West, Barhouse, 7th
Olivia Anderson, Gentry, Trower, 7th
Connor McNamee, Gentry, Trower, 6th
Zoe Giblin, Gentry, Trower, 7th
Sami Fierke, Jeff, Winton, 7th
Audrey Shively, Oakland, Kirkpatrick, 6th
Sydney Livingston, Oakland, Kirkpatrick, 7th

Garrett Roach, Jeff, Winton
Michael Bledsoe, Jeff, Winton
Sarah Mosteller, Jeff, Winton
Grace Dyer, Gentry, Trower, 7th
Will Sanders, Jeff, Winton, 6th

Jacinta Chacon, Jeff, Winton, 6th
Jake Monsees, Jeff, Winton, 7th

Amira Metoui, Jeff, Winton, 6th
Anushka Jalisatgi, Jeff, Winton, 7th

Special Categories
Slogan: Sarah A Mosteller, Jeff, Winton, 6th
Wordplay: Mia Garino, Smithton, Kirkpatrick, 7th
Complex information: Mackenzie Harrington, Lange, Winton, 6th
Whimsy: Jack Stevens, Jeff, Winton, 7th
Humor: Jarett Ren, Jeff, Winton, 6th

Columbia Water & Light staff members thanked Columbia Public Schools and the EEE program for their support of this project. Beth Winton, Heidi Barnhouse, Andrea Kirkpatrick, and Gretchen Trower welcomed Columbia Water & Light staff members into their classrooms so the utility could offer a real-world marketing experience to their students. Jake Giessman supported Columbia Water & Light staff members at the administration level.