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West Quiz Bowl teams qualify for nationals (Posted 12/11/15)

The West Middle School teams have qualified for nationals at the Quiz Bowl tournament in Tuscumbia, Missouri, on November 14. 
West Middle School B team won second place out of 24 teams. Team members are Ezekiel Adjokatse, Ben Cohen, Elizabeth Henderson, Evan Loehr, Danny Saab, Sam Spell, and John Yoo.
West Middle School A team won third place out of 24 teams. Team members are Walter Bratrud, Daniel Fratila, Grace Gomez-Palacio,  Isaac Stiepleman, Tomas Wexler, and Sam Wills.
West individual winners for sixth grade teams (out of 58 participants):
  • 3rd place: Davis Mosby
  • 7th place: Ethan Sims
  • 8th place: Eli Calvin
  • 11th place: Teak Carrier
  • 13th place: Xander Whittington-Speck
West individual winners for seventh/eighth grade teams (out of 112 participants):
  • 3rd place: Ezekiel Adjokatse
  • 7th place: Walter Bratrud
  • 8th place: Tomas Wexler
  • 15th place: Isaac Stiepleman
 West A Team  West B Team Eli Calvin  Ethan Sims   Walter, Ezekiel, and Tomas
 West A Team West B Team Eli Calvin Ethan Sims Walter, Ezekiel, and Tomas