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Rock Bridge Elementary student featured in Discovery Girls magazine

Discovery Girls magazine Riley Hale, a fifth grade student at Rock Bridge Elementary School, is one of 36 girls selected out of over 10,000 applicants across North America to participate in the Discovery Girls Tween Summit, and will be featured in the June/July issue of Discovery Girls magazine, which has a readership of over more than one million.
The goal of the summit, held in the San Francisco Bay area, is to build confidence and resilience in young girls. Through workshops and activities, summit participants explored topics including body image, bullying (in-person and online), technology and social skills, plus pressures to date and grow up too fast. Participants wrote articles about their personal and shared experiences in these areas, as well as offered advice on positive and productive ways to handle tough times. Their stories will be published in future issues of Discovery Girls, so girls all over the world can be encouraged and benefit from the wisdom and lessons exchanged at the summit.
Riley's experiences and perspectives about issues facing today's tween-age girls made her an ideal candidate for the event, and her written responses to the application demonstrated the leadership, compassion, determination, and enthusiasm of "Discovery Girls," according to a press release. Riley is the daughter of Jimmy and Carrie Hale.