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Jefferson teacher selected for Heinemann Fellowship

Jefferson Middle School teacher Anna Osborn has been selected as one of 11 Heinemann Fellows nationwide. Chosen from a host of highly qualified candidates, the educators will use their fellowships to engage in individual research projects that address challenges faced by schools across the country. These research projects will be informed by their own personal experience as teachers.
The 2016 Heinemann Fellows are a diverse group of teachers, coaches, and administrators who exemplify the highest professional standards and a passionate commitment to students. They represent a range of grade levels, content areas, and backgrounds and share a collective interest to learn from one another, a desire to share what they know, and the potential to impact the teaching profession.
As part of the two-year Heinemann Fellowship program, members will also have the opportunity to enhance their own schools and communities through collegial interaction with other fellows. The group will meet regularly through their fellowships to share findings and feedback. Together, they will refine data gathering, inform further research plans, and help interpret results. Their work will then be shared through Heinemann's various publication channels.