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West Middle School Quiz Bowl results (Posted 11/08/16)

West Middle School Quiz Bowl teams competed in the Tuscumbia Fall Academic Tournament on Saturday, November 5, winning second place out of 18 teams in the 7th/8th grade division and third place out of 16 teams in the 6th grade division. The second place team members were Ben Cohen, Ben Edidin, Evan Loehr, and Danny Saab. The third place team members were Julian Cheek, Luc Cheek, Levin Garson, and Judah Robbins. Individual winners, who tied for 6th place for most questions answered in the 6th grade division out of 64 participants, were Ben Dickerson and Owen Kington. In the 7th/8th grade division out of 72 participants, Ben Cohen placed fourth and Evan Loehr placed seventh.
 Ben Cohen's team  Ben and Evan Luc Cheek's team  Ben Dickerson  Owen Kington  
 Ben Cohen's team Ben Cohen and Evan Loehr Luc Cheek's team Ben Dickerson Owen Kington