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DECA international competition results (posted 5/2/17)

More than 19,000 students from around the world, including eight students from the Hickman and Rock Bridge chapters, competed in the DECA International Career Development Conference held in Anaheim, California, on April 25-30.
DECA competition is divided into two parts. Students take an exam which tests overall marketing knowledge. The second portion of the competition is a timed role-play where students are given a marketing situation in which they must develop a solution and then present that solution to a judge who rates their presentation and ideas. The final score is a combination of the two parts.
Student finishing in the top 20 move on to the finals, where they perform another role-play to determine the top 10 finalists. 
Top 20 finalists included Kate Walter, Christian Fellowship/Rock Bridge High School--Sports & Entertainment Marketing (individual series), as well as Sarah Bai and Camille McManus, Rock Bridge High School--Travel & Tourism.
Also competing at ICDC were six other Hickman and Rock Bridge students. While they did not make the final competition, the students did finish in the top 70 percentile of participants in their categories. These students included Siddhant Chaurasia, Rock Bridge High School--Principles of Business Management & Administration, Matt Gibson, Father Tolton/Rock Bridge--Principles of Finance, as well as Tyler Montgomery and Drew Gilliland, Hickman High School--Sports & Entertainment (team).
Marketing instructors and DECA advisors for the Columbia Area Career Center were Hannah Johnson, Melanie Leary, and Scott Fuenfhausen.
 DECA International Competition DECA International Competition  DECA International Competition