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Battle Future Problem Solvers win state championship (posted 4/6/18)

The Battle Future Problem Solvers have won their fifth state championship in a row at the 2018 Missouri Future Problem Solving State Bowl. This year, the team crated the Missouri Youth River Coalition. Students at Battle High School were concerned about a recent proposal to change the wording of the Clean Water Act in Missouri to accommodate waste produced by Confined Agricultural Farming Operations. After considering a variety of solution options, they decided to create a student-led group that raised awareness of clean water issues, expanded the mission of the Stream Team organization, and inspired students around the state to create awareness and form Stream Teams in their schools. In order to accomplish their goal, the team met with Stream Team administrators from around the state and began developing a pilot program that would prove the concept. The team built a central website where they store and disseminate information they've created that will help create awareness and streamline the organization process. The team will serve as a resource to all high schools in the state interested informing their own Stream Team. This is a multi-year community problem solving project that will continue next year.


You can learn more by checking out the MYRC website and their competition packet.


As state champions, team members have been invited to attend the 2018 Future Problem Solving International Conference from June 7-10 at the University of Wisconsin - Lacrosse.