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Winter Weather

School will be cancelled or a 2-hour delayed start will be implemented only after roads are tested and weather conditions are evaluated. Should cancellation, a 2-hour delayed start or altered bus routes be necessary, efforts will be made to notify radio and television stations by 6 a.m. Information also will be sent to parents via the district’s parent messaging system, posted on the district’s website ( and on CPS-TV.

Parents may make the final decision regarding a child’s attendance. If the parent views the weather too severe or the road conditions too dangerous, absences will be excused.

Difficulty in contacting parents usually prevents early dismissals, but under appropriate circumstances the district may dismiss early. On inclement weather days, please listen to local radio and television stations for news of early dismissal. Additionally, information will be sent via the district’s messaging system. Altered bus routes for district buses will be run at times when inclement weather makes some roads too hazardous for safe travel. School bus snow routes are available through schools as well as the school

district website,