It's Official!

Posted by Jimmy Hale on 11/12/2019

John Warner Middle School!

So many people have expressed to me what an amazing person John Warner was and the impact he had on their lives. I talked with many of our wonderful folks in law enforcement and when I ask about John Warner the reaction is always the same.  Grown men, hardened by the streets and the tough nature of what they do each day, get misty eyed and their voices start to crack.  When they talk about what a great person, officer, and friend John Warner was to them you can tell he was special.  I didn't have the privilege of knowing John Warner personally but I am excited that we will be able to honor what John Warner stood for in the work we do each day.  Teaching our students to be of the highest character, to act with integrity, to build positive relationships with other students, staff, and community, to embrace each day and make a positive impact on their future, their school, their community, and the world. What a great role model for our students to look up to and honor with their contributions.