Time to start fresh

Posted by Hilary Myers on 4/23/2021

Last spring brought a lot of changes to WMS. We had to close due to Covid and the Learning Garden courtyard went unchecked for almost a year. In that time, the teachers that were maintaining the garden also moved to another school in the district. I am happy to say that myself,  Ms. Howard, and many West students have been putting in time to pull weeds and do general clean up so that we can bring the garden back bigger and better than it ever was. April 14 was an early release day and my students and I took advantage of our short class periods to get out and work in the garden. We have had a few setbacks on our timeline due to rain and snow but we are moving forward. I am excited for the future of this garden and what it will add to the WMS community. WMS 8th grade pulling weeds


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